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7 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. Salaams. I am Mu Octavis Taalib, author of five books, including Life is No Mystery and English Brain Arabic Learner. Can you put me in touch with Zakiyyah Muhammad, the author who is profiling Sis Clara Muhammad in a new book, Clara Evans Muhammad: A Biography? I want to invite her to join our writers’ collaborative. Thank you.

  2. As-Salaamu-Alaikum,
    Since retiring from Taqwa Productions Inc, I have been offering my services to organizations that are preserving the history of African American Muslims in America. I have knowledge of media production, and on-line video streaming, that I am willing to share with Organizations like yours.

    Hassan Shakir

    1. ASA, This is Wonderfull, my son is 22ys old at Morehouse College. He goes to Jumu’ah But we know thats not enough, im praying that this is a structure for him to get Imam Muhammed’s school of thought and logic. He’s willing to take classes, so im just striving to properly direct him God Willing. my email is, and my ph is 404) 914-5063. im willing to pay towards these classes if i have to, this is Our Future, i Thankyou in advance

    2. As-Salaa mualaikum.
      I am Muhammad Anwar from Malaysia.I need help from another muslim in this world to complete assignment for my examination marks.So I hope you can help me.There’s several question that I need to ask.First,how Zakat management on your country.Secondly,how muslim on your country learning Al-Quran.That’s all from me.I hope you really can help me.

  3. I am interested in my boys ages 9 and 8 attending a Nation of Islam school in the 2018-2019 school Year. We are located in Philadelphia Area.

  4. Hi,

    I wanted to know if you’d have a quick moment to review some of my ideas on how we can get to almost certainly generate a ton more visitors than it is now (as well as conversions to sales)

    Why should potential business go to your competitors instead of you? There should never be a reason to settle (Unless you really can’t handle more business).

    How about a quick time where my consultants can show you what I’m talking about?

    Talia A.

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